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A government subsidized delegation heads to Bulgaria to meet the prophet and contemporary marvel- Vanga. The film will follow several generations of people from World War 2 into modern days. See full summary » Stars: Nikolay Dobrynin, Sergey Makhovikov, Darya Moroz, Viktor Rakov She wasn't present at her husband's funeral.A TV crew joins the delegates hoping to interview the extraordinary ... The absurd car accident, her business trip, preventing her from seeing Oleg being laid to rest, the unsettling behavior of his brother and this ...

See full summary » Stars: Nikita Tarasov, Yuliya Takshina, Tatyana Orlova, Nataliya Nozdrina If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans, as the saying goes.

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The destinies of Masha, Tatyana and Alina totally attest to that. See full summary » Stars: Olga Beryozkina, Anastasia Bunina, Klavdiya Drozd-Bunina, Sergey Frolov Angela is a typical jeunesse doree.

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Her father, a successful businessman, gave her everything she ever wanted.He used to have a beloved woman and a several million fortune.