Online dating steps

03-Nov-2017 04:18

For both men and women, it couldn't be easier -- just spot someone who looks good, check out their details, and if you're interested, hit them up.

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Express appreciation for the contact, cite something you liked from his or her pictures/profile, suggest a phone call, sign with your real first name and, if you're comfortable, cell phone number. Just remember, it works both ways: if you ignore some of the people who contacted you, you can't get upset when you don't hear back from some of those you approach. One important note: no matter who made the first move, don't let the process drag on.

Different sites may allow users to send a "wink" or a "smile." Or they let you "like" or "favorite" someone, informing your target after you've done so.

Not a fan of this approach, nor sending a single word greetings like "Hi," "Hey," or "Yo." Instead, man- or woman-up and send your target a real message. You've got to put as many people as reasonably possible into the funnel, because you'll lose some at each step along the way.

Just as you gain a lot of information from a person's photo, you'll similarly get a good read through a conversation.

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Is he or she energetic, interesting, funny, charming, smart?It couldn't be easier, and you've got nothing to lose. The more candidates you feed in, the more opportunities you'll have to actually connect.