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10-Jul-2017 14:27

On the contrary, the primary players in this space — Jiayuan, Zhenai and Baihe — advertise themselves explicitly as marriage websites focused on helping singles find their future life partner.

While the mean age of marriage is rising, marriage is still nearly universal among the Chinese.

“More so than ever, Chinese people are leaving their hometowns for educational or professional opportunities in cities like Beijing, and in doing so are forced to recreate their social network from scratch,” says Koo.

While urbanization opens up economic opportunities for these individuals, it simultaneously closes social outlets, making online dating networks increasingly important in the search for a potential partner.

Impact of the One-child Policy Moving to a new city and restarting one’s social life might be considered commonplace in many countries.

However, it is intensified by additional characteristics of the Chinese experience.

With this increased attention, children face greater pressure from parents to be successful in both school and the job market.

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