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Initial unexploded bombsrilocal residence combined with the sequential establishment of separate households by each older sibling frequently leaves the youngest daughter and her husband to care for the aged parents and ultimately to inherit the house. [Source: Library of Congress] A traditional Laos wedding is usually held at the bride’s family home.The wedding ceremony takes place can either be in the morning or afternoon.

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[Source: Laos-Guide-999==] The wedding process usually begins with a visit by the family of the prospective groom to the house of the family of the prospective bride for a discussion about village matters and the readiness of the couple for marriage.When the procession arrives at the bride’s house the groom’s family is quizzed by friends of the bride’s family.They have to answer the questions wisely and present a bottle of alcohol and some money to gain admission to the house.The price varies according to the wealth of the family and has traditionally consisted of gold and animals but these days is often cash.

A wedding in Laos begins with an engagement ceremony, which is held on a day deemed auspicious by an elder in the community called a Houana Satsanaphitee.Traditionally, the couple lived with the parents of the bride until after the marriage of the next daughter (if any) or in some cases they move out earlier but the earliest is seven days after their wedding.