Average dating age for women

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One of the main reasons perimenopausal women choose oral contraceptives as their contraception of choice is to help reduce the heavy bleeding and irregular periods often a part of this time of life.

There's also some evidence they can help maintain bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, as well as reduce the incidence of hot flashes, both of which concern perimenopausal women.

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Women’s Health Consultant; Consultant, Gynecology and Women’s Health, The Cleveland Clinic; Chair Scientific Board, Rapid Medical Research, Inc.; Professor Emeritus, Case Western Reserve University; Visiting Professor, University of Cape Town, South Africa; Honorary Founding President and Executive Director Emeritus, NAMS I am 47 years old and take oral contraceptives. Good for you for taking steps to prevent an unwanted pregnancy!

The combination estrogen-progesterone pill Natazia is the first birth control pill specifically approved by the FDA to treat heavy menstrual bleeding not caused by a condition of the uterus.

Decades ago — in the 1970s—women over 35 were told to stop taking oral contraceptives because of the potential risk of heart disease.

The passion may dwindle six or seven years after a couple ties the knot, so the study suggests.

The founder of the illicit liaisons site told Maxim magazine: “Perhaps their husband is not giving them the attention and respect they deserve.

Join For Free NOWJoin in NOW and become a member today.One reason your doctor suggested you stop taking birth control pills when you turn 50 is so you'll know if you've reached menopause.If you continue taking them as directed—with a week's break between active pills—you'll continue to menstruate and won't know.For instance, you don't mention if you're married, in a monogamous relationship or dating, or how sexually active you are.

All are issues you should discuss with your health care professional when determining contraceptive options.An added bonus—they can help clear up middle-aged acne.

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