Accomodating resistance

20-Jun-2017 20:30

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Chains are hung from the barbell to the floor and provide a couple of added benefits to an athlete’s training.Besides, the added resistance through the range of motion chains provides an added stabilizing factor.Louie Simmons of the world renowned Westside Barbell powerlifting club, is the man most responsible for popularising the use of bands and chains.They originally began using them to improve their dynamic effort work, but then found it was also effective for maximum strength work also…By applying bands or chains to the barbell you increase the amount of resistance as the bar is lifted, so the top of the lift is considerably heavier than the bottom.Well it is simple accommodating resistance is the act of either added or taking away weight using various implements (bands, chains, or weight releasers)It is important to understand that the use of accommodating resistances is to eliminate bar deceleration.

Due to their elastic nature, they pull the bar back down quickly increasing the eccentric stress on the muscles.

However, he was smart enough to realize something was wrong with the way western sports teams and lifters were training.